My response to “Behind the Formaldehyde Curtain”

My first thoughts after reading this was how I have planned to bury my grandpa. My grandpa died in 2012, and instead of taking up space in a graveyard, he was cremated. Well before he died, he wanted to retire and move to North Carolina, where he and my grandma own land on top of a mountain. They had plans to move and build a house up on the mountain, near an old fire tower overlooking the mountain range, but unfortunately my grandpa died before he could retire. In the summers we, my brother my cousin and I, would go up there to clear out overgrown brush, and do other ruthless things like white-water rafting, horseback riding, and adventuring in the forests. I remember picking wild raspberries and blackberries on top of the mountain acting as an entrance to the fire tower. But I plan on fulfilling one of my grandpa’s wishes, which was to be buried on the mountain. So, I plan on going up there and visiting the land with my brother and cousin one last time, and spreading my grandpa’s ashes in the fire tower and all over the land.

My seconds thoughts turned towards what I want done with my body when I die. If i am young enough, i would like them to harvest my organs, in hope to potentially save someone else’s life. But I think turning into a tree when i die would be something cool. An urn that allows your ashed to be used as part of the seedlings dirt, until it fully grows and matures, just like you did in your life. If you look at it from an environmentalist point of view, you are now giving back to the earth, instead of taking away from it. Also i think it would be cool that for centuries you give life to other beings by producing oxygen to be consumed. If i have land, I would want the tree to be planted overlooking the horizon somewhere, with a small gravestone as a marker.

In response to the actual article, i was very surprised at the amount of things that a funeral director has to do to prepare the body. I had no idea they had so many ways of manipulating and maneuvering the body to get it to look the way that they see fit, without any questions being asked. After finding out that America is one of the few countries who have funerals the way we do, I definitely changed my mind on wanting to be buried. And as of right now. cremation is cheaper than having a full funeral done, and being buried in plot.


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