The Face Behind the Account

The anonymity of an online profile allows a person to behave and act whatever way they want. Whether or not this behavior is a true reflection of character, is another thing entirely. Some use the internet as a shield to protect themselves from the backlash that one might receive for making a cruel or unkind comment, from peers or family. While others, simply use social media as an extension of themselves, to leave relevant comments, and post interesting or exciting things.

We’ve all met a troll, that person who just comments on what you have to say, making remarks just to make you upset. Most take what they see posted by a troll to heart, but when they make an outrageous comment, they are just deliberately trying to make you upset. Trolls are literally just trying to get a rise out of anyone they can. At some point in a troll’s life, they found joy in making other feel bad, but did not want to receive repercussion for their words or actions. The internet, and social media, was their outlet, and because of that cyber bullying was born. One thing to remember when dealing with a troll, is that just like in real life, if you ignore them, eventually they will go away. Trolls will go to someone else who will give them the satisfaction of becoming upset or frustrated.

Those who use social media as an extension of themselves, use it for the right reason. These people just want to be heard by more than just the people around them, they want the world to not only hear, but to listen and understand their point of view on a certain subject. These people have a certain craft, its not that they just want to be heard, but that they want to do it in a way that no one has done before. Social media was made for finding out new ways to do things, or finding an interesting video that intrigues you. These people, instead of posting a hurtful comment, will post something that is upbringing, or maybe offer advice to help someone out in a situation. The best way to not be a troll, is just to post relevant information that maybe someone may find interesting.


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